The Best Laid Plans . . .

Well it has been several months since I first announced that I would be placing a video on the LeadSimm website. Funny thing, oftentimes, one thing leads to another.  Several weeks ago I uploaded some speaking videos to the site but to be honest, they were not what I had in mind when I first thought of hosting videos, but they do give a more realistic look at some of the leadership ideas I firmly believe in.  So perhaps they are better than what I had originally planned.

More than that, once I got onto the “video train” as it were, I realized that my site needed more content and integration with other social networking capabilities so it took awhile to do that.  My goal from here on out will be to provide articles and content each week for you to view.  I hope you enjoy it and it benefits you in some way.  Thanks for your patience!

About DrjohnD

Dr. John Dentico is a leadership development and simulation learning expert who speaks, writes, consults and trains 21st Century leaders. He is the founder of LeadSimm LLC a one-of-a-kind 21st Century leadership development and simulation learning company. With more than 30 years of experience in leadership, learning and simulation design and development, he is convinced that there is no problem too hard, no challenge too great, and no issue too complex that it cannot be solved by the collaborative actions of a focused group of committed people. For the past 17 years he has worked to create active learning, experientially based simulation learning opportunities for a variety of clients who are charged with overcoming some of the most intractable issues and challenges America faces. With his LeadSimm Leadership Development Simulation exercises he has powerfully demonstrated time and again that action breeds hope and that people working together as full partners fueled by a mutual mission, shared vision and common goals are a force to be reckoned with. He understands that the best way to learn leadership is to practice leadership in as close to the real world decision making environment as possible because then and only then will a potential leader learn how to create a "leadership dynamic", the real power of a 21st Century organization.
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